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Privacy Policy

We respect our customer’s privacy! In order to do our work it is necessary that we collect certain information from our customers. That information usually includes their name, mailing address, telephone numbers, email address, and other information pertinent to establishing a contract and exchanging information about the property. We may need to handle our customer’s checks to process them for payment. We may also need to use their credit card number to bill their work should the customer so choose.

We have established clearly defined policies to protect the information we gather. We have also taken steps to electronically protect the computers where that information may be kept.

All customer information is kept strictly confidential. We do not allow anyone outside of our company to have access to our customers’ information. We do not sell or in any other way distribute our customer list. We thoroughly detest SPAM and junk mail. We pledge to restrict mass-emailing or mass postal mailing to those circumstances where it is clearly necessary to notify our customers of changes or updates that may directly affect them, or to notify our customers of new services or features of our services which may be of interest. We do not share our customer’s information with any third party outside of our company with the following exceptions:

  1. Regulatory Agencies – The California Structural Pest Control Board requires that we report all inspection reports and completion notices to them on a regular basis. The information transferred includes the property address, date, and the nature of the document we have generated (i.e. inspection report, completion notice, etc.) The Inspection Report and/or Notice of Work Completed is a matter of public record through the Structural Pest Control Board and copies of these documents may be sent to this agency or their designee at any time on receipt of their request. This practice is dictated by California law and all Structural Pest Control operators in the State of California are subject to these requirements. Additionally, structural pest control operators are subject to various other regulatory agencies. Other governmental regulatory agencies may require information concerning specific work that has been completed. Such information as we may have concerning the property involved will be disclosed to any duly authorized government agency on receipt of legal request.
  2. Guarantee Programs – Some work we do is supported by a control service agreement providing a long term guarantee. As a Termidor® Certified Partner our Guardian© Subterranean Termite Control Service Agreement is supported by our relationship with BASF, the manufacturer of Termidor®. Information about the structure treated, the customer’s name and contact information, and information about the specifics of the work we did is communicated with BASF. This information is held in BASF’s secure website. (Click the Termidor® link in the left pane of this page for information about BASF’s privacy policy). Our employees my access this information only by use of a password. Aside from the price of the work we did, no personal financial information is shared with BASF.
  3. Credit Card Information – We accept payment by credit cards. We keep no permanent record that shows any complete credit card number. Our company policy requires any document that contains a complete credit card number be shredded after processing, or else the credit card number must be permanently blacked out so it can not be read. We use QuickBooks accounting software. The QuickBooks program has the capability to learn and retain a customer’s credit card information. This feature allows us to auto-bill customers who ask for this service. The entire credit card number is not visible or accessible once entered. QuickBooks is the most widely used small business accounting software in the world and we have great confidence in the security of this system. Our QuickBooks program is only accessible to those employees within our organization who’s duties require access. All credit card transactions are processed through QuickBooks secure website.
  4. Other – Our customer’s contact information and pay history may be shared with other’s who, in order to do their work for us, must have access to this information. Examples of such individuals or firms would include our accounting firm, collection agency, attorney, our financial institution, or individuals directly involved in the negotiations of a purchase or merger. Any party requiring access to this information who is not an employee or a vendor we have approved will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before access is allowed.

Additionally, we will never solicit a letter of recommendation from you. We sincerely appreciate the nice letters and notes that we receive from time to time, but we will not ask for one so we can build a “pitch-book” to use in selling work to others. You may see letters of recommendation in information that we give you. You may rest assured it is being distributed only with the express permission of the sender.

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