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Other Wood Decay Issues

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Wood Destroying Insects

Termites are not the only causes of wood decay. There are several other kinds of insects that can damage wood, some very seriously. Damage done by insects such as wood destroying beetles, carpenter bees and carpenter ants is often mistaken for termite damage. But controlling these pests requires completely different techniques than those used in termite control. As always, successful control must begin with an accurate identification of the pest involved.

Wood Destroying Fungus

Damage done by wood destroying fungus is probably the most common source of decay in wooden structures. These parasitic plants grow on and in wood and deteriorate it's strength. Most "dry-rot" damage found in homes is easily repaired. But we frequently encounter serious decay issues from wood destroying fungus. In these cases the damage done by the fungus can be far more devastating to a structure than the damage done by almost any wood destroying insect.


Structural Repairs

In addition to controlling the insects that damaged your home, we can usually provide a price quote to repair the damage. We do a wide range of general structural repairs in-house, and we have excellent subcontractors available for many specialized repairs, including finish work.

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