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About Us

Doug and Janna at our home show booth.
Feb. 10, 2006

About Our Company

Doug Morse opened Morse Termite Control in May 2002. After almost 30 years in the business he was convinced that there was a real need for good, dependable termite control services with a no-holds-barred attitude toward quality and customer service. Starting with the basic tools and a strong local reputation Doug did inspections, estimates, treatments and repairs. And he wanted to accomplish this while maintaining a strong Clovis based identity.

Matthew Morse, Doug’s son, helped between time spent in the US Army Reserve. Within a year the business had grown to the point that Janna Lion, Doug’s daughter, started helping with the phones and some book-keeping.

By 2006 the business had grown and the decision was made to offer general pest control services. That same year the company was incorporated as a California S Corporation. In the spring of 2007 we purchased another pest control company acquiring a number of significant commercial accounts at the time. (We are proud that those commercial accounts are still with us today!)

We now have several pest control routes, a full-time termite control department and full-time office staff. Our company is the major income source for 6 households with plans to add another position in the very near future.

At Morse Termite and Pest Control we enjoy our work. After all this time we still find new and interesting conditions almost every day. And our customers are wonderful! In those friendships we find most of the satisfaction in what we do.

We believe that people want to make good decisions about protecting the structures they own. When wood destroying insects or other pest problems are involved, we believe you are entitled to a clear, unvarnished look at what's involved and what's available. That is what this website is all about.

It is our goal to provide you with as much information as you desire about what we do, about the insects and organisms we are dealing with, and what to expect when shopping for termite or pest control work. We are convinced that the more you know, the better we look. That simple business philosophy has been, and continues to be, the key to our success.

If you have comments or suggestions about how we can serve you better or how this site can be improved, please give us a call. Or simply go to the Contact Us page. Send us an e-mail with your thoughts. We really do appreciate any comments we receive, positive or negative.

Thanks for visiting us!

Doug Morse

Personal Profiles

Matthew Morse, General Manager

Matthew has been working in the structural pest control industry since 2002. He holds Field Representative licenses in General Pest Control (branch 2) and in Wood Destroying Organisms (branch 3). Matthew has spent most of his adult life working in all facets of our business including general pest control, termite control, structural repairs, moisture control, etc. He is directly responsible for oversight of all of the operations of the company.

Matthew is married and has two beautiful young daughters. His hobbies include miniature gaming and painting, gardening and wood working.

Sheila Cox, Office Manager

Sheila’s cheerful voice is often the first contact our customers have with our company. She joined our team in 2016 coming to us with a strong background in business organization and general business principles. As our business grew we found we needed someone with those very skills and Sheila arrived at just the right time.

Douglas Morse, President/Operator (retired)

Doug has worked in the pest control industry since 1973. He received his first license for pest control while stationed in Massachusetts with the U.S. Army. He currently holds California Operator's licenses in General Pest Control and Wood Destroying Organisms and is licensed as a Field Representative license for Structural Fumigation. Doug has written several courses that have been approved by the Structural Pest Control Board for continuing education credit.

Doug came to Clovis in 1961 and is a graduate of McLane High School and Fresno Community College (Business Administration). His hobbies include golf, birding, home brewing and furniture making. He and Margie have been married for over 40 years and have three adult children.

Doug and Matthew enjoy a remarkable father/son relationship. Although Doug is no longer actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business he and Matthew remain in very close contact. He and Matthew work together as a closely-knit team.

Curtis Snyder, Field Representative

Curtis joined our company in May 2012. He provides general pest control services to our customers throughout most of central Fresno. He also handles a number of our major commercial accounts. Curtis holds a Structural Pest Control Branch 2 Field Representative’s license.

Daniel Cuevas, Field Representative

Daniel joined our company in August 2013. Daniel is our termite control specialist and provides inspections, estimates and termite control treatments. He also arranges and oversees subcontracted work such as structural fumigations. Daniel is a valuable and versatile member of our team. When our schedule becomes disrupted by bad weather we frequently need to call on Daniel to help with general pest control work for a few days. Daniel holds Field Representative licenses in General Pest Control (branch 2) and Wood Destroying Organisms (branch 3).

Curtis Snyder, Field Representative

Curtis joined our company in May 2012. He provides general pest control services to our customers throughout most of central Fresno. He also handles a number of our major commercial accounts. Curtis holds a Structural Pest Control Branch 2 Field Representative’s license.

Timothy McLane, Field Representative

Tim has been employed in in structural pest control since 2015. He provides general pest control services to our clients in the eastern portions of our service area as well as our customers in the mountain communities of Auberry, Prather and Shaver Lake. We also rely on Tim to occasionally help in our termite control department. Tim holds a Field Representative license in General Pest Control (branch 2) and an Applicator’s License in Wood Destroying Organisms (branch 3).

Why choose us?

Here are ten good reasons to choose Morse Termite and Pest Control for your termite and pest control service work:

  • Our only focus is termite and pest control - We started as a termite control specialty company and it is still the backbone of our business. We keep our focus on termite and pest control. We intentionally avoid adding services that might distract us from being the very best at what we do. As a result we are good at what we do.
  • Effective - We take the time to do the job right. And we don't mind using a more costly product or a more time-consuming technique if that means getting the problem
    solved the first time.
  • Affordable - We are very competitive. When you consider the quality of work, the products used and the guarantees we give with our work, you will find that Morse Termite and Pest Control offers you the very best value in this market area.
  • Convenient - We make every effort to work with your schedule. When you set an appointment with us we will be there. If for any reason we are delayed we will call you immediately. That is a promise! And you may pay using your major credit card or by check or cash. We also offer automatic billing to a credit card when desired.
  • No Mess - Our technicians are issued booties to wear when there is any chance we might soil your floors. And when we work inside your home we clean up after ourselves!
  • Local - The Fresno-Clovis area is our home. We are proud of this community and we support various local organizations. We are a proud member of the Clovis District Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau of the San Joaquin Valley and the California Structural Pest Control Operator's Association.
  • Experienced - Over 40 years of practical experience has prepared us to deal with almost any termite or pest control problem. And we know how to do it the right way - the first time!
  • Responsible - Our company and our technicians are licensed, bonded and we are fully insured. While the state law only requires technicians to obtain the basic Applicator's license, we require our technicians to study and pass the examination for the much more demanding Field Representative's license. We follow all proper precautions in the use of any products we apply showing due regard for our customers and their pets, our employees, and for the environment.
  • Ethics - We believe that, "A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold." These are words to build a business and a life upon.
  • All work is fully guaranteed - If the termites or other pest problems persist, so will we! If additional service work is needed it will always be done promptly, cheerfully and at no extra charge. (Our contract with you clearly explains how this works.) Following treatment to control subterranean termites most homes qualify for our Guardian© control service program. This service program provides low cost, long term peace of mind. Following a structural fumigation most properties qualify for our Sentinel© renewable guarantee.

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